11 Inspiring Ideas for Micro Adventures in Vegas

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If you want to have an adventure in Las Vegas but you don’t have a lot of time or money, you’re in luck. The city known for sin has quite a few micro-adventures available that will have you enjoying yourself without having to worry about spending a ton of money. The best part is that there’s something for everyone. Whether you like gambling or seeing the shows, our fourteen ideas for small adventures in Vegas are going to make you happy.

Eleven Tiny Adventures in Sin City

Here’s a look at eleven specific adventures you could go on if you’re thinking about traveling to Vegas in the near future.

1. Beer Run – If you’re a beer lover, you could make a weekend trip to check out all the microbreweries in the city.

2. Showgirls – Another idea is to plan a one or two day trip around a couple or even a few different shows.

3. Gambling – This one is obvious, but don’t forget that you can gamble legally in Vegas. Plan a trip where you never leave the Casino.

4. Food Getaway – If you’re a self-proclaimed foodie, another idea is to go to Vegas to sample as many restaurants as you can. They have some great ones.

5. Buddy Getaway – While traveling with your family can be nice, you can also choose to have a getaway with your buddies.

6. Girls Night Out – At the same time, another idea is to get away to Vegas with a group of women and no men!

7. Photo Tour – If you’re a photographer, plan a few days in Vegas so you can walk up and down the strip and take photos.

8. History Trip – For fans of history, Vegas has a lot of it. Plan a trip where you can visit museums and learn the local history firsthand.

9. Weekday Getaway – A lot of people travel to Las Vegas on the weekend. To mix it up, try to plan a day or two during the week.

10. Wine Tour – While Vegas isn’t really known for its wine, this doesn’t mean you can’t plan a trip based around the adult beverage.

11. Art Show – For those who love art, Vegas actually has a lot to offer. Plan your trip around the various art galleries in town and you’ll have a ball.

Remember – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so make sure you have a good time no matter what. With micro-adventures the best part is that you can get away to go on them at a moment’s notice. They don’t take a lot of time to prepare and they’re going to be over before you know it. If you know of any others, be sure to leave a comment below and let us know.

Written by: Bernadette Silver had a Thailand meeting once and was very impressed by the professionalism of everyone in attendance. She’s been to Vegas several times and hopes to spend another week or two there before she retires.

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