6 Best casinos in Vegas

It’s easy to get confused when you first land in Vegas. The sheer number of options can leave you overwhelmed and you might end up not visiting some of the best spots in the city.

It’s good to be spontaneous but when you are visiting the mecca of gambling, it’s always better to have a plan. This is exactly why we came up with a list of the best casinos in Vegas. And if you have no plans to visit the city you catch up on some casino fun by visiting www.newslotsgames.com.

Bellagio: Let’s start the list with a crowd favorite that has become synonymous with over-indulgent luxury. The only thing that comes to mind when thinking of Bellagio is uncompromising luxury and of course the awesome fountain show. In fact people might not even believe you were in Vegas if you miss the fountain show. The game floor itself is plushly designed and are often teaming with celebrities and the super rich.

The Stratosphere: Conviniently located between the Strip and downtown Vegas, Stratosphere is hard to miss. The 1,149 tower literally looks down on every other building in Vegas. The combined experience of having a sumptuous meal in the restaurant that’s rightfully named The Top of The World with enjoying the 4 thrill rides makes this place a must visit. With over 1200 slots, a poker room and gaming tables for blackjack, craps, mini baccarat, three card poker, and roulette it keeps you entertained in typical Vegas style.

Caesars Palace: Built in 1966 you can never complete a list of casinos without mentioning the Caesars Palace. The place constantly keeps on adding new tables and machines to not only keep up but stay ahead of the competition. It’s sprawling 129,000 sq feet casino floor houses everything from blackjack and craps to Wheel of Fortune and Megabucks.

Mandalay Bay: Located on the southern tip of the Strip, Mandalay Bay offers a tropical experience to all its visitors. 120 acre resort and casino is gigantic in size and attracts couples, singles, and the business crowd. The casino houses over 2400 slot and video poker machines and has over 120 table games.

Cosmopolitan: Taking a break from the classic Vegas joints, the Cosmopolitan offers new-age style and luxury to people who are looking for something a bit more contemporary. The two towers of the hotel has New York style design and resembles the chic atmosphere that carries on inside. With a 100,000 sq foot floor, the hotel certainly well equipped to satiate anyone’s gambling thirst.

MGM Grand: This Las Vegas icon has recently undergone major renovation. The rooms and the decor are now completely brand new. The venue hosts David Copperfield’s magic shows and is the top venue for award shows and celebrity functions. When it comes to gaming, the MGM Grand definitely doesn’t disappoint. Apart from the usual, it features a 24 hour high rollers gaming lounge called the Whisky Down.

People continue to debate on which casino is the absolute best but we all know there is no clear answer to that. To get the full gambling experience make sure you pay all of these casinos a visit next time you happen to be in Las Vegas.

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  1. Fabiana says:

    I have visited a couple of these and they were a lot of fun!