Las Vegas Shows

Las Vegas is not just about gambling and casinos. Although the casinos are the main reason why people go to Las Vegas, the city has more to offer than just casinos. Las Vegas is not just for gamblers. Las Vegas is for the whole family as well. Hotels and resorts in Las Vegas have come up with other attractions that people of all ages and inclinations can enjoy. In Las Vegas, there is something for everyone.

Hotels and resorts stage regular entertainment fare for its guests and which are also open to non-guests. There are concerts from world-renowned artists, comedy acts, magic shows, acrobatic shows and even sporting events. From the established stars to the up and coming performers, you will find them all in Las Vegas. Those are the show where you have to buy tickets for. Equally riveting and entertaining are the free shows, usually staged outside the hotel or resort. People walking along the Strip cannot help but stop and watch the shows.

First on the list is the dancing fountain of Bellagio. Be mesmerized as the fountain moves in sync with beautiful music. Then there is the Sirens of TI, a free outdoor show staged along the Strip, at the entrance to Treasure Island Hotel. There is also the front attraction at The Mirage, a volcano that erupts regularly at night.

There are more fascinating shows in Las Vegas, either free or for a fee. Whatever age you are, you will surely enjoy them.