How to Create a Romantic Vegas Trip

Romance is always in the air in Las Vegas. Couples fly in from around the world to ignite themselves with the variety of amazing cheap tours and romance Vegas has to offer.

There are some mesmerising water delights on view in Vegas. The fountains of Bellagio offer a choreographed masterpiece performance with music and lights, the perfect romantic scene. If you prefer a more interactive water experience, then travel to The Venetian for a graceful and romantic gondola ride – who needs Venice?

There is an array of light shows in Las Vegas, from the replica Eiffel Tower to the more modern lights of Freemont Street. Romance will be flowing with this beautiful light show along with coordinated music, which stretches over several blocks. Walk hand in hand along the Vegas strip and view some of the most amazing sights and sounds. Las Vegas has plenty of street shows for you to watch together.

Adventure can help bond a couple and Las Vegas is full of fun activities for you both to share! From indoor skydiving, where you can hold your partner’s hand for support, to a more natural endorphin adventure of mountain biking journeys and walking trails.

A hot air balloon ride is also another adventure you and your partner can embark on. Some companies even cater to couples and take them on sunset or sunrise rides over the city, a perfect view of all the Vegas sites. You can even request a bottle of champagne to toast your time together.

Get Married
For some this may not be a viable option, but known as the wedding capital of America and possibly the world Las Vegas has hundreds of licensed chapels. No matter what style of wedding you’re looking for, Las Vegas has the capability to fulfil all your needs and dreams. For those adventurous, active couples you can have your wedding 100 floors above the earth or you can even tie the knot in a helicopter ceremony. If you’re more of a nature lover who doesn’t fancy having an Elvis impersonator present at your wedding, then a wedding at Mount Charleston will suit you.

There are over 20 spas on the Las Vegas Strip, so why not spend some time being pampered. Most men aren’t too keen on spa treatments but may prefer to have a couple’s massage and facial etc., which many salons cater for, such as Spa Bellagio at the Bellagio Hotel.

There are over 100 restaurants to choose from on the Las Vegas trip. Some offer couples an intimate dinner for two and are open to cater for a couple’s needs. Maître D’s are known for accommodating couples and any requests you may have, such as a candlelit dinner with fresh flowers. Look carefully and you’ll find that Las Vegas has some of the most romantic restaurants.