6 of the Coolest Bars in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is arguably the best place to get a drink in America. From bars inside little known tiki dens to opulent lounges decked in crimson and gold, Sin City has bars to fit every mood, occasion and budget.

On your next trip to Las Vegas, make sure that you take a detour to six of the coolest bars in the city. And if you are visiting from outside the USA be sure to get a US visa waiver.

1. The Chandelier

Location: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Subtlety and Last Vegas don’t really go hand in hand. Prime example is the Chandelier in Las Vegas’ Cosmopolitan hotel and casino. A towering glass and crystal bead chandelier dominates the center of the three-floor room. The middle-floor serves as the bar, while the bottom floor forms the casino area. A great place to get a drink, or dabble in a game of poker. Just know that your cheap travel insurance won’t cover any of your blackjack losses!

2. Gold Spike

Location: Gold Spike Hotel and Casino

Not all of Las Vegas’ bars are decked out in gold and decadence. The Gold Spike bar is a great example. After a prolonged renovation, this bar changed its décor from classic casino to classic college bar. There are bean bags, pool tables, and an outdoor seating area that’s become the hottest place in the city to grab a casual drink with friends. Come here if you want a more relaxed and friendly place to slosh a drink.

3. Hofbrauhaus

Location: Paradise Road, Las Vegas

Styled after a 200 year old German beer hall, Hofbrauhaus is the only German microbrewery in Las Vegas. From an astonishing variety of imported European beers to its homemade brew, this is easily the best place in Sin City to grab a beer.

4. The Griffin

Location: Fremont Street, Las Vegas

Pull apart thick black curtains that cover the entrance and you’ll find yourself in the hippest bar in Las Vegas. The roaring 360 degree fire dominates the centre of the room, and the menu boasts an eclectic mix of classic and experimental cocktails. The crowd is hip without being garish, and the décor cool without being decadent – a rare thing in Sin City.

5. The Artisan

Location: West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas

Imagine an indie coffee shop in The Village in New York. Now convert that coffee shop into a bar and you’ll get The Artisan. This is the place where Las Vegas’ artists, writers and musicians hang out. You’ll find graffiti on the walls and paintings by local artists dotting the bar’s interior. Instead of uncomfortable bar chairs, you’ll find comfy couches and a DJ spinning the latest indie hits. The best part is that you can come here, not spend a dime, and still take in Las Vegas’ indie scene (and dance to some great music) – easily one of the best deals to be had in the city!

6. Minus5 Ice Bar

Location: Mandalay Palace and Monte Carlo

Las Vegas is all about extravagance, and the Minus5 bar is the perfect example. Despite the desert heat, this bar maintains a temperature below 5F. This means everything is covered in ice, which makes it, literally the coolest bar in Las Vegas!